Body Treatments

Anal or Underarm Bleaching Treatment:

This treatment is designed to brighten intimate areas. Please be sure the area is clean and free of hair.

Bacial- Rejuvenating Back Treatment:

This treatment is designed to treat skin concerns of the back area.

Body Exfoliating Treatment:

This selection is for those interested in extreme body exfoliating treatments. *Covers two large areas*

Body Treatment Peel:

Hand Treatment:

Extreme exfoliating treatment for the hands.

Inner Thigh Bleaching:

Extreme exfoliating treatment designed for hard to reach places such as the inner thigh.

Other Areas Body Bleaching:

Bleaching that is done on the body besides vaginal, anal, and underarm.

Vaginal Bleaching:

Extreme exfoliating treatment that is formulated to brighten the vaginal area. Please be sure to remove all hair from the area. Recommended number of treatments depends on desired results and we'll determine that at your appointment.

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